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19. Sep. 2017

AU, Coffs Harbour, NSW – Mattress and Radiation talk for general public and practitioners

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Learn more about EMF radiation and how our toxin-free health mattresses can help restore health

03. Jun. 2016

Professional Athlete Gabi Steindl chooses a Physiologa mattress as performance enhancer

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What I’ve come to realise in over three decades of being very active and especially in my career as professional water-woman is that staying fit as well as achieving top performance levels does not only come down to the right training & nutrition. There is yet another factor coming into play, one that often is overlooked: SLEEP

23. Oct. 2015

AU – Mattress trying Byron Bay – Freedom Summit

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Mattress trying in Byron Bay at the FREEDOM SUMMIT conference Our mattresses were designed after much research and testing, using the expertise of naturopaths and orthopedic surgeons. It is not surprising that after many disappointing mattress purchases people, and patients, research in-depth what makes logical sense when it comes to a mattress that supports health and [...]