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07. Jun. 2016

Nutrients and food to support health during EMR exposure

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One of the most detrimental biological effects is the way that EMF radiation disrupts proper functioning of melatonin in the human body. Keeping the root cause in mind, emphasis should be put on the point that supplementing with these clearly beneficial nutrients is NOT better than, and does not REPLACE EMF radiation protection.

14. Nov. 2015

Risks regulations and liability around exposing people and students to wireless technology EMF radiation – Part 1

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Part 1: Recent legal developments are causing the producers of EMF radiation and those effected by it, to sit up and take notice, as the issue of costly liability and lawsuits is fast becoming a reality. UNSW Sydney, 'faculty of law', hosted a legal workshop to investigate EMR exposure liability. Part 1 covers the medical arguments and proof that EMR is damaging health. We report on what was shared.

01. Sep. 2015

When electrosmog spoils sex and libido

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Sexual attraction is declining in the general population from year to year. Those who think that the loss of libido (the natural desire for sex) is something that only happens to people of more advanced age, would nowadays be seriously wrong. Both men and women in their late twenties are reporting a lack of interest in their own sexuality.

15. Apr. 2014

A healthy sleep

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It is not at all surprising that restful sleep plays an important role when it comes to good health. What is surprising is why we humans choose to deprive ourselves of this simple requirement for sleep, time and time again. ... To enable the body to regenerate optimally during sleep, there should be no unnecessary interference.