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12. Jan. 2016

Diabetes Mellitus connected to phone tower radiation

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Diabetes Mellitus cases are growing at a rapid speed. Researchers in Saudi Arabia have found a clear link between rf-emr (high frequency radiation from things like phone towers, wifi, smart meters) and type 2 Diabetes (in children).

22. Oct. 2014

Babies and radiation – Can it go well?

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We are increasingly becoming dependent upon ‘always being reachable’. The use of all these electronic and digital communication devices has also been linked to a loss of personal attention in relationships. Family life, personal relationships and interactions with people are fundamental to life and essential for the development of infants, babies and small children.

22. Jun. 2014

Seven-fold increase in brain cancer likelihood

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The Swedish research group led by Professor Hardell evaluated the latest data on the effects of mobile phone radiation on the brain (1). This showed an up to 7.7 times increase in the risk of brain tumor development. Professor Hardell also states that mobile phone radiation should now be classified higher than "possible carcinogenic" and be raised to "carcinogenic".

02. Jun. 2014

Mobile phone towers reduce value of real estate

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A 50 per cent reduction in value is not uncommon when there is a mobile phone tower in the neighbourhood, or on the actual roof of the property. Many of us, who look upon investment in real estate as an alternative to a savings account, may, often years later, be confronted with the erection of a mobile phone tower.