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17. Jun. 2017

Horses get sick from phone tower radiation and geopathic stress

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Animals and plants are also affected by phone tower EMF radiation as well as geopathic stress. Radiation is a worrying reality for for farmers and horse owners and regularly the academy gets called on for assistance.

14. Oct. 2016

Cell phone tower radiation from the manhole cover at your feet

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Kathrein developed a cell site transmitter hidden under street manhole cover. Camouflaged from nearby home owners, who have no idea that right outside their home a powerful transmitter is hard at work filling the environment with microwave radiation.

12. Jan. 2016

Diabetes Mellitus connected to phone tower radiation

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Diabetes Mellitus cases are growing at a rapid speed. Researchers in Saudi Arabia have found a clear link between rf-emr (high frequency radiation from things like phone towers, wifi, smart meters) and type 2 Diabetes (in children).