01. May. 2014

The story about the bank manager

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One day the manager explained his health issues to me: chronic headaches of the worst kind and associated insomnia. I promised to pay him a visit with my assessment kit. As it turned out, there had been, in the past, a cancer case in the kids’ bedroom, which was situated directly beneath his own.

15. Apr. 2014

A healthy sleep

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It is not at all surprising that restful sleep plays an important role when it comes to good health. What is surprising is why we humans choose to deprive ourselves of this simple requirement for sleep, time and time again. ... To enable the body to regenerate optimally during sleep, there should be no unnecessary interference.

14. Jan. 2014

Timber construction – building biologically great – electrobiologically a disaster!

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Timber is a popular building material. Its natural, controls the climate, stable and resilient. A building material that man has used for thousands of years to put a roof over his head and which gave this 'homey feel' to a house.

19. Aug. 2013

Young female patient suffered from panic attacks and lack of energy

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That radiation could be an issue with her, was not an entirely new concept in her family, because other family members had suffered with this. But that the riddle to her body pains, lack of energy and major sleeping difficulties was so wide spread...