02. Mar. 2016

Controversy over WiFi health dangers – ABC Catalyst TV program Wi-Fried

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A few weeks back ABC Catalyst broad casted a story on the danger of wireless radiation, showing both sides of the argument and confronting its viewers with research facts that normally hardly gets the light of day. Within a week, a concerted effort seems to have arisen to discredit the program and everyone involved.

04. Feb. 2016

Hello Barbie’s radiation exposure to children

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The 'Hello Barbie' concept has been under fire from the very beginning, based largely around the privacy issues of having these conversations stored by a third party company and the potential of hacking. I found it amazing, that the potential harm a Wifi device, and its electromagnetic radiation, could do to a child has not been considered by parents and action groups hoping to prevent the sale of this doll. We investigated and measured...

14. Nov. 2015

Risks regulations and liability around exposing people and students to wireless technology EMF radiation – Part 1

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Part 1: Recent legal developments are causing the producers of EMF radiation and those effected by it, to sit up and take notice, as the issue of costly liability and lawsuits is fast becoming a reality. UNSW Sydney, 'faculty of law', hosted a legal workshop to investigate EMR exposure liability. Part 1 covers the medical arguments and proof that EMR is damaging health. We report on what was shared.

16. Nov. 2014

Ethernet over power line (EOP/Powerline) the dangerous internet from the power point

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Similar to radio, man has no initial concerns about radiation. With Powerline probably even less, it's 'Wired' and thus assumed to be free of radiation. What are the facts? In the field our Geobiologists now bump into 'Powerline' more often, this internet from the power points. The above mentioned assumption was usually made by our client or patient exactly the same way.