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Leonard has been working with me this year to make, primarily, my sleeping area a tolerable space for me to be as I have fibromyalgia and various chronic pain syndromes and my increasing electro-sensitivity was preventing me from gaining the replenishing quality of sleep that would help keep my symptoms under better control. Following the initial survey, the steps he recommended (which included mats under the bed and a circuit cut-off switch) so vastly altered our sleep environment that even my husband noticed the difference and we both began sleeping so much better it was astonishing. Incidentally, Leonard discovered geopathic stress beneath our bed that lined up with a number of health issues we had both been having; dealt with by installing the mats. However Leonard is a consumate perfectionist and was quite determined to make one final tweak to bring the low voltage load on my body down to next to zero and he just managed to do that by installing shielding mesh. We have been extremely impressed by his professionalism and attention to detail, the amount of time and consideration he has given to our particular circumstances and his sheer determination to make this ‘right’. I can certainly report that, through gaining the best quality sleep I have enjoyed since living in this house (14 years), my recovery has started to gain a deeper and more consistent foothold than before, my tolerance of the inevitable EMFs in the environment during the day has increased and I really notice the difference when I sleep away from home. I would certainly recommend calling Leonard in for that initial survey to see what he can do for you if you are concerned that electromagnetic elements may be affecting your general health, your sleep patterns or the progress of a recovery from chronic illness that keeps feeing like you go back to square one after making a certain amount of progress (which is where I was when I called him in)…it could be that creating a sleep-zone that is protected from EMFs could make all the difference to how your body responds to other health improvements you are making and allow a sustained recovery to get underway, which is my sincere hope now that his work is complete.

Helen White UK
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Ben Sayward is a Geobiologist and Director of Geovital Academy UK. An existing and Current Solar Power (PV & Thermal) professional with a strong Knowledge on DC and AC power which incorporates well into Geobiology