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Headaches gone – Sleep excellent

This headline would attract attention in any newspaper; as millions of people suffer from headaches, insomnia and stress. Thanks to the lack of resourcefulness of those affected, the sales of pharmaceutical companies are ever increasing and reaching astronomical proportions, as was recently shown in an issue of ‘Spiegel’. Patients are becoming increasingly unwell because the chemical substances in pills are truly not the miracle cure they were made out to be.

No restful sleepBankfachmann

On a professional level, I had dealt with my bank manager for a long time. He offered me advice on financial matters and other bank technicalities, during which I always noticed his reddened eyes. One day the manager explained his health issues to me: chronic headaches of the worst kind and associated insomnia. I promised to pay him a visit with my assessment kit. As it turned out, there had been, in the past, a cancer case in the kids’ bedroom, which was situated directly beneath his own. There had been a canal (blue) running underneath the house and also a Curry line affecting the abdominal area of the sleepers. I guessed it was intestinal cancer. This made the banker think; especially since I could never have known that his mother-in-law, who had used this bedroom, had actually died from bowel cancer.

The same indications were present in the bedroom above where the manager slept. The bed of the man in this room was positioned a little bit more to the left and so the Curry line did not affect the bed area so much, but the electronic pollution situation here was grim. Due to the old home design from the 1970s, the AC electricity was reverberating back and forth through the building. Even if the electrical circuits of the first floor had been guarded by circuit cut-off switches, it would have produced no improvement, as the problem kept creeping up from the lower level.

Only after application of GPA shielding mesh to the floor and walls, along with T98 Alpha shielding paint, did the measurement values drop down to where they should be. Both kids’ beds were moved, and the master bedroom was protected by Geovital geopathic stress shielding mats.

Since then, the only place stress was found was in the bank.



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Sascha Hahnen graduated in several specialities and medical training, is an author, seminar leader and CEO of Geovital – Academy. His motto: “Radiation protection is always a good thing!”

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