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The truth about mobile phones and wireless radiation

Last month the University of Melbourne hosted a seminar where renowned Dr. Devra Davis, a well respected and well known researcher who has written 200+ technical publications and 3 popular books,  spoke on the subject of “The Truth about Mobile Phones and wireless radiation”.

Dr. Devra Davis has a lot a qualifications and one very significant thing that she has done in her life was that she was part of the committee that reviewed the data if smoking on airplanes was dangerous or not, which is now many years ago. Dr. Davis mentioned that she remembers at the time that there were a lot of legitimate and similar questions being asked, that are now again being asked in regards to the mobile phones and wireless radiation debate.

When Dr Davis was asked if there could be a problem with mobile phone radiation she responded that if there would be a problem, she would know about it. She honestly mentions that she was wrong, and says:

Wireless devices in our schools and workplaces produce EMF radiation close to the body

Wireless devices in our schools and workplaces produce EMF radiation close to the body

‘At the moment there are 6 billion cell phones and 8 billion wireless devices on the planet and have to admit that we don’t know much. But the good things is that information is being sent out routinely to people who own a mobile phone and Telstra (a big Australian telecom company) issued a precautionary safety warning to all of it’s customers’.

Dr. Davis explains how Nato gave birth to the first microwave oven after they found out that chocolate was melting near the radar. They called it the “radarange” back then, but the word microwave was more appealing to women. These days microwave ovens are a staple in almost every kitchen around the world. Microwave ovens (and radar alike), effectively emit wireless radiation just like mobile phones.

Child exposure to EMR whilst using mobile phone

Child exposure to EMR whilst using mobile phone

Dr. Davis explained that twenty years ago the standards about mobile phones and the wireless radiation they produce, which are now obsolete, were set and based on a 220 lb dummy with a large head that doesn’t match the average person around the world and what they were looking for an increase of heat when using a phone.

‘The frequency used by microwave oven and a mobile phone are simular, the difference is the power’ she explained.  The pulse is what seems to be the major problem, as it is erratic and irregular, and we are exposed to this wireless radiation over weeks, months and years which seems to be causing the biological changes.

The most dangerous time, when using a mobile phone, is when you pick up

Radio Frequency (RF) radiation can come from very far away and from right next door.

Radio Frequency (RF) radiation can come from very far away and from right next door.

This problem is the same for wifi, the baby monitor and other wireless technology, that all use pulsed microwave radiation. It is the pulse that is what causes most effects Dr. Davis repeats. Nine hundred times a minute a phone is looking for signals from the base mobile phone towers when it is on standby: ‘Where are you? Here I am!’ The most dangerous time is when we pick up the phone and try to answer it as it goes to max power Dr. Davis states.

The idea that both adults and children get the same level of radiation from a mobile phone is flawed and it all depends on the size and thickness of the skull. In 1996 the 2D model was created where they could see that children indeed, absorbed more radiation from mobile phones than adults. The 3D modelling exceeded 2D modelling and now for the first time we can see exactly how much radiation is exposed to heads, testicles, bone marrow as during pregnancy (Andreas Christ ITIS . 2013)

Dr. Devra Davis quotes that the US magazine Consumer Reports recommends that nobody should keep a phone in their pocket and says that if phones were tested in pockets, they would exceed the recommended exposure.

Children all over the world are given two-way microwave radiation devices like ipads. If you really need to give a device to children, Dr Davis advises to put it on airplane mode so it doesn’t send or receive signals as cell phones are tested 20cm away from that big 220 lb dummy and not tested to be held against the little head or abdomen of a child.

Parents Magazine called the ipad the best babysitter and now we have inventions like the ipotty where some children won’t go anymore to the potty without the ipad attached to it.

Happy pregnant couple in a healthy home

Happy pregnant couple in a healthy home

Dr. Davis mentions that mice who were prenatally exposed to radiation under controlled conditions just 15 minutes a day for seven days, showed damage to their liver. Another group in Turkey looked at the hippocampus of new born rats after being exposed to wireless radiation prenatally and found that they had fewer cells compared to non exposed rats. Memory was tested with these rats in a maze. They found that the new born rats, who had been exposed, when they tried to train these rats with a food reward running a maze, they took three times as long to find their way.

With our colleagues at Yale, Dr. Davis mentions, we developed the Baby Safe Project to advice pregnant women to protect their abdomen. If mobile phones and the wireless radiation were tested in pockets they would exceed the recommended safety standards.

Fertility greatly affected by wireless radiation technology and there is no control group

Much research shows low level radiation affecting sperm quality.

Much research shows low level radiation affecting sperm quality.

Due to the widespread exposure to wireless radiation on our planet, we fail in having a control group where we can compare non-exposed people to exposed people. Data from the Cleveland Clinic 2008 by Ashok Agarwal MD PhD showed that the sperm count, in men having a mobile phone in their pocket for 4 hrs a day, was reduced by 50%.

Experts in Indian infertility clinics, who treated men for infertility, noticed that the mobile phone was a major contributor to their fertility problems. The Indian government has issued warnings about this and recommends that clinics who deal with men with reproductive problems, advise to keep mobile phones out of pockets.

You can find a lot more research on fertility and radiation on the our EMF research page.

Breast cancer and links to mobile phones

A case report from 2009, about an avid 34 year old Chinese-American runner, who used her mobile phone for 4 hrs per day in her bra for ten years, showed invasive multiple primary tumours in the breast. – reported by Robert Nagourney MD, PhD

radiation exposure and breast cancer

radiation exposure and breast cancer

Dr. Davis mentioned that the tumours that had developed were right under the antenna of the phone. While driving in a car the phones levels spike the highest every time the car passes another tower. The phone is going to send signals out to the towers to see where they are at, so it has to connect at maximum power each time someone moves between phone towers.

We now know of 38 people, Dr. Davis mentioned, who developed breast cancer right under the skin and none of them having a history in the family;  none of them have inherited the defects that we know will increase the risks of breast cancer;  they have multi focus tumours located under the antenna and two individuals with metastasis at a young age.

Research with mice that were prenatally exposed to radiation showed hyperactivity as adults. Their memory was worse, they are hyperactive, have more anxiety but didn’t show much fear. When 70-day-old rats were tested for 2 hrs of radiation exposure a day for 45 days, they showed lower testosterone, and increased enzyme tied with DNA damage and an overall lower fertility. (Sanjay Kumar et al, 2009


Sources of EMF radiation in your own home

Sources of EMF radiation in your own home

Dr. Davis stated the opinion that it is interesting that the World Health Organisation (WHO) has stopped it’s research even though radiation has been classified as a possible Carcinogen 2B.

Fortunately we see that more and more countries like India, Canada, Israel and France are putting certain protective measurements in place.  In Berkeley, California, the Berkeley City Council, anonymously passed the ‘Cell Phone Right To Know Law’ requiring mobile phone retailers in Berkeley to provide consumers with information that warns them to keep a minimum safe distance between their bodies and their phones.

Dr. Devra Davis ended with a call for a major independent study, training and research on this important topic of mobile phones and wireless radiation, by monitoring the populations, in particular focusing on hearing, memory and sperm count.

What is affecting health vs what is needed for health restoration

Family painting final coats over shielding paint

Family painting final coats over shielding paint

The talk by Dr. Davis, hosted by the University of Melbourne, shows increasing acceptance that wireless radiation has health consequences. Of course, to figure out what is harmful is important, but once health has been affected measures must be put in place to aid a person’s health recovery. The removal of just one stress may not be enough and an optimal environment for the body to repair itself is called for. This is GEOVITAL’s expertise and we seem to have the most practical experience in doing exactly that with patients.

Doctors and scientist are beginning to recognise electrohypersensitivity and radiation as a health burden

Doctors and scientist are beginning to recognise electrohypersensitivity and radiation as a health burden

The problem for the average person is, that as our exposure to wireless radiation has been increasing slowly but steadily over so many years. One may come to accept the way we feel and the vitally and energy levels we experience, as ‘normal’ when in fact it may be far from what should be normal.

One can only realise what ‘normal’ can be, when the home, or more importantly the bedroom, where the body is meant to rest and regenerate, is protected against the ongoing invasion of wireless radiation from outside, as well as from internal wiring.

Most bedrooms are affected. Most bedrooms need improvement. A Geobiological investigation is the basis for deciding what steps to take and what counter measures are called for.


Watch and listen to Dr Devra Davis



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John Plansoen
John is a Geobiologist specialising in radiation protection and mattress health. Personal experience in restoring health of close family members by improving the living and sleeping environment has sparked his passion for this field.

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