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Leonard Stafford

United Kingdom – Berkshire & London

  • Geobiologist
  • Home and bedroom assessments for radiation
  • Pre-purchase inspections
  • Workplace assessments
  • Electronic pollution (EMF,Electrosmog) and geopathic stress
  • Consultation on emf protection and radiation shielding measures
  • Dr Shamim Daya, London – “I was very impressed with the service that Leonard offered with regards to not only suggesting solutions to the problem but more importantly to supervise and oversee the project to ensure it is done correctlyI now refer many of my patients to Leonard for a radiation home survey, to address this important risk factor in this high tech world that we live in.” 

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Prior to my retirement in 2014 as Deputy MD for the Nike Group of Companies, I became interested in the correlation between many modern diseases and the general increase in radiation exposure of the population.`

I was especially interested in steps that could be taken to mitigate the effects of radiation from man-made EMFs and Geopathic Stress (GS). After extensive studies, I have come to the conclusion that the Geovital approach offers by far the most effective method for reducing the effects of EMF and GS.

My aim is to assist people to reduce their exposure to EMFs and GS, especially in the sleeping area, so that the body can repair and rejuvenate whilst sleeping.

I look forward to working with you.

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About the Author:

Ben Sayward
Ben Sayward is a Geobiologist and Director of Geovital Academy UK. An existing and Current Solar Power (PV & Thermal) professional with a strong Knowledge on DC and AC power which incorporates well into Geobiology


  1. Avatar
    Claire Pancott 03/08/2018 at 07:23 - Reply

    I can whole-heartedly recommend Leonard Stafford and Geovital products. Before meeting Leonard, my husband and I engaged the services of another independent EMF consultant, but when we encountered problems with the remedial action he recommended, he was evasive and elusive, and completely uninterested in resolving the problem. I contacted Leonard who felt confident he could solve the problem with Geovital products. This entailed laying a mesh floor covering and painting walls with shielding paint. Leonard organised everything in such an efficient manner. He co-ordinated and supervised the work and then returned to test its effectiveness, I also have my own high and low frequency voltage meter readers and I was so pleased and relieved that the products brought the readings down to negligible figures.

    We decided to install demand switches too, to cut electricity in the bedrooms at night. Again, Leonard was outstanding, organising everything in such an efficient way, there really was nothing for us to do. We experienced some initial teething problems, and Leonard returned immediately to resolve them. He is extremely conscientious and strives to ensure his customer is completely happy with the results. Our only regret is that we didn’t meet Leonard years earlier when our journey on our ‘emf reduction road’ began.

  2. Avatar
    Kaina 18/01/2018 at 00:02 - Reply

    I contacted Leonard because I strongly suspected a sensitivity to EMF due to my sleeping difficulties. For many years I’ve been waking up every 2-3 hours during the night. Those sleeping issues had a huge impact on my productivity, my mood, and my overall health. I had a hard time to focus during the day due to poor quality sleep, and felt tired. As I’m renting, I wanted a shielding solution as less invasive as possible. Leonard was great not only at making up an efficient shielding solution for my bedroom but also at doing very minimal transformation on the walls of the apartment. He really showed great mastery in his work and dedication.
    The shielding works were done with very minimal disturbances, and the workers were lovely. I started to enjoy very restful and uninterrupted sleep for the first days after the shielding, which is spectacular. I don’t have sleeping issues anymore. My sleep is very deep and refreshing. I enjoy energy during my day and focusing on my daily work is not a problem anymore. This is certainly the best investment I did for my health. A big thank you!

  3. Avatar
    Rebecca O'Brien 27/10/2017 at 18:57 - Reply

    Leonard has been wonderful in making the much needed changes in our house. From stopping me using a dect phone to the dirty electricity. If there’s a problem that needs resolving he will carry on until it’s sorted. The biggest impact so far has been the mattresses that we now have. They are brilliant, mine has helped my back and stops me getting radiation as it’s coil free, all making for a better nights sleep.

  4. Avatar
    Renate McNay 10/10/2017 at 03:13 - Reply

    My husband has amongst other things Atrial Fibrillation and our Wholistic Doctor recommended Leonard and Geovital help sort our Bedrooms out from Geopathic Stress, Radiation and Dirty Electricity. Leonard came to our House in Oxfordshire and London Appartment a few times and we listend carefully to his fascinating assesments and invested in all kinds of wonderful devices and matts and recently bought also the Geovital Mattresses. Leonard is a very kind man and we really felt that he advised us very well and we did our best for our bodies and sleep and live now in a stress free environment. My husbands Heart is also much happier and our sleep more fulfilling. We recommend Leonard highly.

  5. Avatar
    Sam 19/09/2017 at 15:38 - Reply

    Leonard is a highly knowledgable and approachable person with a lovely warm manner.  His assessment of my bedroom was very, very thorough and he took time to explain the electromagnetic and significant geopathic stress that were pervading it and how to remedy it.  As all the works were undertaken, Leonard was very much a part of the process.  Regularly contacting me by way of calls, emails and visits to see how the shielding was progressing. 

    I love the end result.  It is truly an oasis of calm and I cannot wait to get into bed at night secure in the fact that it is free from all the draining nasties of electromagnetic pollution and geopathic stress.  It has a lovely soothing and healing energy about it now.  Recently I had family over to stay and I gave up my bedroom for them. Both my brother and my sister-in-law commented how soundly they slept in that renewed space.  I wholeheartedly recommend Leonard as an expert who can thoroughly investigate and remedy the effects of these stresses in such an important part of any house, the bedroom, where I am now able to rest and restore my health.

  6. Avatar
    maggie craig 03/08/2017 at 21:39 - Reply

    I am immensely grateful to have been helped by Leonard.

    Leonard has guided me through difficult times, and now my home has a sense of calm: a place where at night my body can recover from the effects of wi fi, 4G and electromagnetic stresses and geopathic stress.

    I now have a totally protected bedroom, free from wi fi, 4G, electromagnetic and geopathic stress;

    Thank you Leonard for your generosity of spirit, also for mediating for me at times using your superb communication skills. You are such a dependable, kind person with immense knowledge of this subject.

    I now feel at ease in my own home, both physically and emotionally. I had not realised the level of stress that my body had been under, especially with regard to electromagnetic and geopathic stress. Thank you Leonard….Through grit and determination to dot all the ‘i’s and ‘cross all the ‘t’s’ we have got there! Many many thanks!

    I look forward to updating progress after enjoying living her for a few months. My first few nights felt as if my body could, at last, let go… rather like the feeling of camping in a remote place, surrounded by the peace of nature …. far away from the man made stresses that we are increasingly expecting our bodies to cope with.

    I unreservedly recommend Leonard to you.

  7. Avatar
    FFMN 23/03/2017 at 08:13 - Reply

    It is a great pleasure to work with Leonard in all aspects of understanding and managing the world of EMF. Leonard went out of his way to ensure my questions were answered and I understood the solution he was proposing to solve EMF related concerns. In my dealings with him, I found Leonard knowledgeable, practical, resourceful, flexible, and understanding.

    I was particularly impressed and benefited from Leonard’s patience, down-to-earth and carefully considered approaches. If you have some concerns about EMF, make yourself a favour and get the advice of Leonard.

    Ms FFMN, London

  8. Avatar
    Max 24/02/2017 at 20:54 - Reply

    It was great to have Leonard assess my flat, he explained everything clearly and with detail and then proceeded to measure and analyse all rooms, recommending changes and testing them right away. I now have a better understanding of all the fields that are at play in my home and can position beds and myself in the best way. I would highly recommend Leonard, every household should have this assessment!

  9. Avatar
    Ann Buckingham 08/09/2016 at 05:48 - Reply

    re Leonard Stafford
    I have found Leonard’s 2 visits exceedingly helpful -my husband has Atrial Fibrillation & we have been advised to make our home & in particular ,our bedroom area ,as stress free as possible for his heart condition -this we have now been able to achieve with Leonard’s help & support -I would recommend him wholeheartedly

    • Avatar
      ann Buckingham 02/11/2016 at 07:04 - Reply

      I have decided to write further as I now have some feedback having slept in the area for a few weeks with electrical cut off switches for the lighting & sockets & the underbed mat -I always have a glass of water on my bedside cabinet at night & always drank the whole glass but since the work has been done,I am now waking with the glass still full,which is simple but good evidence for me that I am sleeping more soundly -great to notice this significant difference

  10. Avatar
    Helen White 27/08/2016 at 00:09 - Reply

    Leonard has been working with me this year to make, primarily, my sleeping area a tolerable space for me to be as I have fibromyalgia and various chronic pain syndromes and my increasing electro-sensitivity was preventing me from gaining the replenishing quality of sleep that would help keep my symptoms under better control. Following the initial survey, the steps he recommended (which included mats under the bed and a circuit cut-off switch) so vastly altered our sleep environment that even my husband noticed the difference and we both began sleeping so much better it was astonishing. Incidentally, Leonard discovered geopathic stress beneath our bed that lined up with a number of health issues we had both been having; dealt with by installing the mats. However Leonard is a consumate perfectionist and was quite determined to make one final tweak to bring the low voltage load on my body down to next to zero and he just managed to do that by installing shielding mesh. We have been extremely impressed by his professionalism and attention to detail, the amount of time and consideration he has given to our particular circumstances and his sheer determination to make this ‘right’. I can certainly report that, through gaining the best quality sleep I have enjoyed since living in this house (14 years), my recovery has started to gain a deeper and more consistent foothold than before, my tolerance of the inevitable EMFs in the environment during the day has increased and I really notice the difference when I sleep away from home. I would certainly recommend calling Leonard in for that initial survey to see what he can do for you if you are concerned that electromagnetic elements may be affecting your general health, your sleep patterns or the progress of a recovery from chronic illness that keeps feeing like you go back to square one after making a certain amount of progress (which is where I was when I called him in)…it could be that creating a sleep-zone that is protected from EMFs could make all the difference to how your body responds to other health improvements you are making and allow a sustained recovery to get underway, which is my sincere hope now that his work is complete.

  11. Avatar
    Caroline Renouf 19/08/2016 at 22:07 - Reply

    What a difference you have made to our lives. It has been life changing and we are so grateful for the expert advice you gave us in your EMF and Geopathic stress survey. My family now has improved quality of sleep and general well being.

    I have very good sleep and a sense of well being now that my bed is sheilded.

  12. Avatar
    Jeane Denny 07/08/2016 at 02:14 - Reply

    I was impressed with the Geopathic Stress assessment given by Leonard Stafford recently at my home and will be recommending him to others. It is reassuring to know that a solution was achieved and I am able to sleep in a safe environment.

    • Avatar
      Jeane Denny 28/08/2016 at 21:41 - Reply

      Seven years ago at age 70 I moved into a ground floor apartment in a lovely converted old house. I had a survey done and knew that there was underground water present but no likelihood of flooding. This was important as there was an access to a cellar under the property which was open to the elements. Between ages 60 to 70 I had not needed to see a doctor as I was working full time in the movement profession teaching 18 Pilates classes a week and monitoring the health and fitness of 250 pupils. I used to sleep like a baby after such an active work schedule.
      Within weeks of being in my new apartment I had seen a specialist about the pain in my left foot, followed by extreme pain in my left hip. Within 9 months I could not take weight on my left leg. This was accompanied by poor sleep, high blood pressure and hearing loss. All connected with the left hand side of my body. I had retrained in 1993 for natural healing and environmental medicine and I started to put two and two together and I had a ” distance survey ” done of my home and was told that there were Hartmann and Benker lines present but that the immediate problem was the electro magnetic frequencies for which a device was installed. My health continued to deteriorate and I started to spend a lot of time away from my property because I slept better when I was away and I was in less pain. After being away I was reluctant to come back to my own home. The final factor that decided me to contact Geovital was when my bioresonance specialist found that my immune system was not functioning efficiently and my body was showing signs of deterioration in other areas. In fact, I was not responding to treatment.
      A geobiologist from Geovital came to my home and did a survey and it was found that two Curry lines crossed under the left hand side of my bed and there was heavy underground water running under my bedroom. There was no other position possible for the bed so it was decided to put a shielding mattress under my bed and to buy a new all wooden bed and foam mattress. After 9 weeks of the new sleeping arrangement the geobiologist came back to take new readings and NO GEOPATHIC STRESS WAS FOUND. In those 9 weeks my sleep improved, my pain disappeared , my blood pressure normalised and my immune system became strong again.
      More surprising still , the young lady, aged 29, in the apartment above me whose bed was directly over mine found that her severe headaches went away and she was able to reduce her Beta Blocker medication. She thought that it was because she had started a new job and was happy in her new work when in fact the headaches disappeared when the mat was put in place in MY apartment.
      I was a classical ballet scholar from the age of seven and have spent a lifetime in professional sport and in holistic health as a coach. In consequence I have always nurtured my body and done everything in my power to keep 100 per cent healthy. Thus it was frustrating to find that it was geopathic stress that was injuring my health. Sadly it took me 7 years to find an organisation who could help me but I am very grateful to GEOVITAL for coming to my rescue.
      I would strongly recommend anyone to contact them if they have health problems that conventional medicine can not explain. It is possible that geopathic stress is the cause of the problems.
      Miss Denny – West Yorkshire, UK

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