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Derin Emir

United Kingdom – Cirencester (Bristol & Midlands)

  • Geobiologist
  • Home and bedroom assessments for radiation
  • Pre-purchase inspections
  • Workplace assessments
  • Electronic pollution (EMF,Electrosmog) and geopathic stress
  • Consultation on emf protection and radiation shielding measures

My background is in the catering industry and I later started a small property developing business. During this time I became introduced the world of Feng shui and also the subject of deficiency in mineral/vitamins. Feng shui is the Chinese philosophy of harmonising with the surrounding environment. I still live by this form today and understand the importance of a home that supports you without any draining elements.

The home should be a place that protects you from the elements however with the increase in wireless technology this has become much more of a challenge.

GEOVITAL came to my attention while researching EMF exposure and Geopathic stress.  GEOVITAL partially interested me with the high standard of their products and their advancement in the field of EMF exposure. This has paved the way for my new career. I now feel excited to be a part of the GEOVITAL team and thank them for their training and mentoring.

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Laura Bacon –  “I have recently protected my bedroom with Geovital’s paint for the walls, fabric for the window and mat for under the bed. Before I painted, Derin came to my house to take readings and do a full survey including measuring for geopathic stress, high frequency and low frequency radiation etc. With having a mobile phone mast right outside my house, the high frequency readings were literally off the chart.  As Derin is independent to Geovital, he gave very good impartial advice and was not at all a pushy salesman. He is very knowledgeable in what he does. He worked out exactly the right amount of paint and other materials I would need.  Friendly and professional. 

After all the work was done, Derin returned to take further readings and to my delight and relief, the readings had gone from 8000+ microvolts to less than 120microvolts and even 0 in most places. I am looking forward to moving back  into the bedroom and to start feeling the health benefits. I would recommend Derin to anyone who has similar problems and I wouldn’t advise buying and shielding materials unless you have had a survey done as it is a lot of money if you are protecting from the wrong thing or in the wrong place. Derin will make sure you get it right.”

About the Author:

Ben Sayward
Ben Sayward is a Geobiologist and Director of Geovital Academy UK. An existing and Current Solar Power (PV & Thermal) professional with a strong Knowledge on DC and AC power which incorporates well into Geobiology

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