USA GEOVITAL workshop in LA well received

Electric fields are often found on the patient's body whilst in bed. Lori and Brian investigate.

Electric fields are often found on the patient’s body whilst in bed. Lori and Brian investigate.

GEOVITAL makes a good impression in the USA

It was fun, interesting, confronting and empowering (as always). The GEOVITAL workshop in Los Angeles attracted students from across the united states, from different backgrounds, with no, minimal or extensive experience in the (home) health industry. With the initial 2 (FULL) workshops behind us and nothing but rave reviews, it is safe to say people are appreciating what they are getting.

It is always nice to see people with a wide range of backgrounds attending the training. In regards to those who have much experience with radiation, measuring and assessing, one has to wait and see how our slightly different approach to assessment and rectification, is going to fit in with what they have learned so far. We like to think that our 30+ years of practical experience with patients and 250,000+ home assessments, would benefit any professional, even if they don’t apply or switch to our way of doing things completely.

Todd armed to the teeth with some tools of the trade.

Todd armed to the teeth with some tools of the trade.

It is surprising that we hear the same comments from those with much experience:

We come in with all this equipment and all this technical talk, and once we’re finished assessing a home, the client is so overwhelmed, doesn’t know where to start, and many never start to make any improvements to their situation. The way you (GEOVITAL) include the body in the measurements makes so much more sense, and in a way, it hits the point (of being exposed) home on a far more understandable level.’

Our courses are kept small and are usually a maximum of 6 new students to ensure enough personal attention. We were delighted to welcome the following people with the following backgrounds to the last two courses.

Name Origin Past Experience
Martine Davis Wisconsin Building Biology Environmental Consultant, Building Biology teacher –
Brian Hoyer California Nutritional Therapy Practitioner
Lori Bergstrom California Mental Health Practitioner, teacher –
Dr Charlie Beck, DO, FAAO Indianapolis Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine Specialist –
John N Ontario, Canada Building Biology Environmental Consultant BBEC, Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist EMRS
Cheryl Mathews San Fransisco, California Healthy Home Consultant
Kevin Wingate North Carolina Intellectual Property Attorney & Electrical Engineer
Ann Marie Wingate North Carolina Complementary Health Practitioner
Andrew Jordan San Diego, California Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist EMRS –
Todd Ballard Utah Healthy Living Enthusiast
Mark Schrage Chicago, Illinois Electrical Engineer and Carpenter – River Bluff Carpentry

Listen to what Martine, Cheryl, Lori, Frank and Brian have to say:

Water vein activity clearly visible at the US GEOVITAL training site.

Water vein activity clearly visible at the US GEOVITAL training site.

The course has been offered in other countries for over 30 years, but it still took a lot of preparation to be offered in the US. In November 2015 a visit to Los Angeles saw Patrick van der Burght drive across the LA and San Diego area looking for suitable training locations and venues. This proved more difficult than anticipated. Even though LA has, what seems from the map, quite mountainous terrain behind it (which we hoped would provide ample locations for our Geopathic Stress training), it is a lot of sand as well. Only in the last days of this visit, the perfect GEOVITAL training site was found including a visible water vein in the heat of summer. This water makes for some entertainment, and refreshment.

For well over 30 years GEOVITAL has been involved in radiation protection in German speaking countries. 5 years ago we started broadcasting on the internet in English what we do, what we have done and how we do things. Ever since interest world-wide has grown, including from the USA and Canada. A recent interview by Lloyd Burrell of Electricsense boosted awareness even further (listen to the interview here).

GEOVITAL are the new kids on the block…. with 30+ years practical patient focused experience behind them.

Listen to what Andrew, Mark, Todd, Ann Marie, Kevin and John have to say:

Even though it is a packed few days, time is made to enjoy the local cuisine.

Even though it is a packed few days, time is made to enjoy the local cuisine.

GEOVITAL courses are now offered in the following countries:

Sulzberg, Austria (head office)
London area, UK
Los Angeles, USA
Melbourne, Australia

You can find the courses in our event calendar. View all events, or just the Geobiology courses. Some people come with a professional interest, other with a personal interest. We are in need of a lot more consultants globally and quietly hope our course will get you excited to help people in your area.

We hope to see you soon!


About the Author:

A family brush with cancer and success with complementary therapies motivated Patrick to study naturopathy, various types of bioresonance and building Geobiology. Patrick is director of Geovital International (Outside Europe), is a Geovital instructor, author and international speaker on patient focused radiation protection.

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