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Stephanie Brening
WA 98243 – Deer Harbor


  • Geobiologist
  • Home and bedroom assessments for radiation
  • Pre-purchase inspections
  • Workplace assessments
  • Electronic pollution (EMF, Electrosmog) and geopathic stress
  • Consultation on emf protection and radiation shielding measures
  • Certified Nutritional Therapist Practitioner
  • Practicing holistic health and healing
  • CEO of Nutrition Intuition LLC
  • Author of “Health Doesn’t Have to Be
  • President of Reconnecting with Real Food-dedicated to raising awareness for solutions to obtainable health
  • Educator for practical solutions to a safe and non-toxic homes and your food cupboard.

Humans spend roughly 1/3 of our lives sleeping. Sleeping problems are on the rise and with lack of sleep comes health concerns. Today it’s harder and harder to find an optimal sleeping environment devoid of radiation, frequencies and electric fields. Our mission is to help people see the stressors in their home that may be impacting their health and overall wellbeing.

We help you realize the source and levels of stressors in your home and can help you take control and implement solutions. Our expertise provides countermeasures for exposure to:  magnetic fields, electric fields and Radio Frequency radiation.

A healthy life is not only about what you put in your body but is also about creating a healthy environment.

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About the Author:

A family brush with cancer and success with complementary therapies motivated Patrick to study naturopathy, various types of bioresonance and building Geobiology. Patrick is director of Geovital International (Outside Europe), is a Geovital instructor, author and international speaker on patient focused radiation protection.

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