Video series: Protecting a bedroom with shielding paint

Protecting a bedroom with shielding paint – Anyone can do it
(Video Series)

Family painting final coats over shielding paint

Family painting final coats over shielding paint

Here you find detailed information about the planning, preperation and application of shielding paint. Implementing shielding paint is not difficult but a lot of logical considerations are involved which you are likely not going to think about on your own. Actually, many EMF consultants don’t know the full story. You can learn it here from the people known for the holistic approach to radiation protection.

Definitive Shielding Paint Webinar Replay accessible RIGHT NOW

Below you find demonstration videos but nothing will prepare you better for a shielding paint purchase and implementation, than Patrick’s Definitive Shielding Paint Webinar. Rather that hosting this LIVE every 2-3 months, we decided to give you access to a replay which you can start watching right now.

2.5 hours of need-to-know knowledge to make your bedroom shielding paint project a success. You can skip through it (not recommended), pause it or come back to it later, to gain this wealth of information that you will need to know.


Shielding Paint Instruction Videos

It seems we have entered the time that every bedroom should be protected, quite a while ago. So much research highlights the effects of high frequency radiation from sources like phone towers, smart meter, WiFi, airport navigation systems and more, and judging from the past, this type of radiation exposure will only every increase. Technology like ‘Airfibre‘ has been here for a while now and the only shielding paint which has been focussing on high performance AND the holistic design (suitable ingredients for long-term benefit) seems to be T98 from GEOVITAL. Below special videos showing the application of T98 shielding paint in easy to follow videos.

Protect yourself and more importantly your children

Radiation protection is nowadays needed for everyone. The only question is when are you going to do it? Now, before issues arise? Or later when there may be health effects and you keep your fingers crossed that your body will have the ability to recover again once shielding is in place?

You can debate about this, but when making the decision, to shield or not, comes to children… we have to be even more protective. Us adult, at this time, probably still grew up with very little wireless communication radiation in our environment. We saw the introduction of cordless phones, then the beeper, the first car phones, the first mobile phone the size of a small brick, the first small phone which you had to use near transmitters that were indicated by signs, and now smart phones that people are connected to 24/7. The point is, we grew up with less irritation. Our children are now basically exposed to much higher levels of high frequency (HF) radiation from the moment they are conceived.

Applying shielding paint T98Alpha of Geovital with a roller

Applying shielding paint T98 of Geovital with a roller

Children multiply their cells for more rapidly as they are still growing and so, a radiation-free (dramatically reduced) bedroom environment is very important. Especially girls warrant extra attention as they are born with all eggs in place. When it comes to pre-conception care, ironically, this should start at their own conception. Many scientists are concerned that the damage done now, will become evident in 3-5 generations from now, in which case making changes at that time is way too late.


How many coats of shielding paint are recommended?

Years ago the recommendation was 2 coats of shielding paint but the world has continued to increase its exposure to RF radiation from phone towers since then. Every 2 years we seem to get a new phone network standard that we are exposed to. LTE (4G) & 5G are just from the last 4 years and 6G is planned to be implemented in 2030. Based on this we must consider how many layers of protection should be put in place to shield against ‘now’ but also be ready for what will be here 7-10 years from now.

The 7-year-rule of shielding paint

It is like every layer of T98 shielding paint brings about a reduction of exposure equal to bringing your back 7 years in time. Ever since approximately the year 2000 our RF exposure has been increasing much faster with the introduction of more and more phone towers and network standards (2G, 3G, 4G, 5G etc). See the 7-year-rule of shielding paint this way: In the year 2023, one layer of T98 shielding paint brings you ‘back’ to exposures like they were in 2016. Two layers brings you back to 2009. Three layers back to 2002.

Of course every location is a little different and some places are worse when it comes to RF radiation. There is however also the future to consider… Things will get worse. So, every extra layer of T98 shielding paint puts a buffer in place for 7 years in the future. Therefore 4 layer application gets you ‘ready’ for 2030 (in case of the 2023 example) and 5 layers beyond this.

Two phase shielding

If you can do it, what we called ‘two phase shielding’ is the most ideal way to implement shielding. This means one protection layer of RF shielding (which can be made up of multiple layers, like 3 coats of T98 shielding paint inside a bedroom) in combination with another seperate protection layer that is ideally a wall thickness away from it. Easy way to picture this, is when you shield the outside of a wall and the inside of a wall. 1 or 2 layers of T98 shielding paint (or GPA mesh) on the outside of the wall and 2-3 layers on the inside of the wall, will have a greater reduction in RF than if you simply layer all the shielding on top of each other. Ask your GEOVITAL consultant for input on this approach.


The bedroom shielding project

We shielded a little girl’s bedroom and recorded the whole process whilst also giving more in-depth insights into the approach. Follow the videos below and see for yourself what is involved, how easy it is and how Geovital has your best interests at heart.


1. Introduction: The situation and the Geovital approach

This bedroom is very typical. Too much HF radiation on the body and constant electric field exposure from internal wiring.


2. Electric field exposure and Circuit cut-off switches in action before paint application

As the circuit cut-off switches were installed earlier, this bedroom makes for a perfect demonstration on how the circuit cut-off switches work when you turn off the usage of electricity and when you turn things on again. See how the body is constantly being exposed to radiation and how it can automatically be removed during the night.


3. Body measurement of high frequency radiation

An important distinction that the academy made was that a measurement of the air often gives the wrong indication, when it comes to deciding whether or not protection against high frequency (HF) radiation was called for. Instead, a measurement of the body was far more accurate in terms of identifying those patients homes that were in need of our T98Alpha shielding paint.  It has happened to often that we were after a health recovery for a patient, the air measurement showed no concerning levels, no shielding paint was used and no health recovery to the extend that we were after, was found. When then a body measurement was done, which did show shielding was indicated, which was then put into place… the health recovery did come*.


4. Preparing your room before applying T98 shielding paint


5. Brush application of shielding paint in preparation to roller application


6. How to stir your shielding paint and what is the correct roller to use?


7. Roller application T98


8. Grounding tape application explained

Geovital is patient orientated and looks after your long-term health. For this reason, earthing plates or grounding plates are considered unsafe for your family and another excuse by those product focused companies to sell you another accessory. In this video we explain why. We rather sell you less, get you to use an electrician and do things properly.


9. How to apply grounding/earthing tape in a shielding paint project

Grounding tape is an important part of a shielding paint project. See here how it is done and how grounding tape could be routed around the room.


10. How to earth shielding paint into a power point using grounding tape

Geovital believes that the earthing of the shielding paint needs to be secure. Using the power point is a suitable method. Have a look what is involved.


11. Second coat of shielding paint T98 to complete protection


12. Shielding a door with shielding paint

As we are more and more exposed to HF radiation from directional transmitters, the time that we didn’t shield the bedroom door is starting to become a thing of the past.


13. Test: Does shielding paint t98 block natural magnetic signals?

Some people worry that shielding paint blocks natural signals that are important to human beings and other organisms. This test will show you that T98 doesn’t do that.


14. Applying top coats over shielding paint T98


15. Electrician grounds shielding paint through grounding tape directly into a power point

Earthing of your shielding paint should not be able to be undone. Remember it is first and foremost a safety feature! Here an example of how an electrician could earth it.


16. Final touches: There is more to a healthy bedroom besides shielding paint


17. The end results of shielding a bedroom with T98 shielding paint

Here is the punchline! Have a look at how much lower the radiation exposure is after shielding with T98. The body measurement reveals how successful this project is and how valuable it is.



We hope these videos are helpful to you.  When you are ready to make changes in your life, we would be delighted to assist you.

If we helped you with this article, please inform others about it. Link to it from your social media sites and blogs.


* Naturally, no guarantee can be given as to what the outcome or benefit may be of putting shielding paint in place. We aim to remove a burden. The body then has to do the rest and in some cases intervention comes too late. For this reason, radiation protection is not a medical device or treatment.

About the Author:

A family brush with cancer and success with complementary therapies motivated Patrick to study naturopathy, various types of bioresonance and building Geobiology. Patrick is director of Geovital International (Outside Europe), is a Geovital instructor, author and international speaker on patient focused radiation protection.

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