First snow in Sulzberg reveals water veins in the landscape

We are in the middle of the seminar process (22nd to 26th October 2014) which includes the 3 day Geobiology course, the electronic pollution seminar and the IT speciality lectures about homepages and internet presence that Dietmar Hohn teaches.

Water veins in the snow 1

Water veins are visible through the snow

Wednesday night there was a sudden drop in temperatures in Sulzberg and this brought the first snow for 2014 which gave us the exquisite beauty of a white cover over Sulzberg. The view from the GEOVITAL terrace showed a green valley and snow covered mountain tops in the background.

Water veins in the landscape

During the seminar the students had learned a lot about water veins and we also went to our training site in nature. On the way back to Sulzberg, which was now covered in clouds, we were treated to a spectacular display of water veins in the meadows.

Water veins in the snow 3

The water vein tracks through the landscape

In areas with fresh snow, it still revealed pathways of green grass. These pathways ran like a web of rivers through the landscape. An interesting show put on by the water veins. There where the grass remains visible an underground water vein is present at a depth of about 1.5 to 2 meter.

Why does the snow melt there?

The water in a water vein is warmer than the ground. This often can be seen when there is no frost during the day time and the soil is not yet fully cooled. This is why the fresh snow melts quickly and the position of water veins becomes visible.


Have a look at the below video… it is in German though.



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