What is TENCEL®


What you sleep on, a third of your life, profoundly impacts your life

The Physiologa® mattresses made by GEOVITAL® were the result of a long quest to be able to address to common health burdens posed by normal mattresses. Natural medicine principles were our guiding philosophy when designing the one mattress that had it all correct to support health, rather than detract from it. 

In order to make a mattress that could play an integral part in supporting health and health restoration, our natural health clinic needed a mattress that was:

  • great for back and posture
  • antistatic
  • metal-free
  • toxin-free
  • latex-free
  • deemed suitable for our anti-intolerance goals,
  • has great airflow for oxygenation to the skin (your second breathing organ),
  • inhospitable for fungus and bacteria, and
  • several other characteristics for long-term health support that no mattress manufacturer had ever shown interest in.
Stretch-effect is a clever feature to support the spine and bring exceptional oxygenation to the skin.

Stretch-effect is a clever feature to support the spine and bring exceptional oxygenation to the skin.

Selecting TENCEL® for our mattress cover

When it came to the mattress cover, we wanted it to be washable and removable, but also contribute positively to all the other criteria we were after. After extensive testing with our patients, TENCEL® was selected. The company TENCEL® makes different quality gradations of materials and GEOVITAL only works with the very best quality they have to offer. Lets explain why it is such a complement to our mattress design and your life.


TencelCharacteristics of Tencel®

Gentler than Silk

With the invention of the TENCEL® fiber, a new page has been turned in the history of fiber. Textiles of TENCEL® are more absorbent than cotton, more gently than silk and cooler than linen.


Fiber from plants

From wood, to fiber, to your gorgeous Physiologa mattress

TENCEL® comes from nature and makes use of the photosynthesis, which is an important mechanism of nature and is the foundation for all life on earth. During photosynthesis, solar energy is absorbed, especially through the green chlorophyll and converted into chemical energy. The starting materials carbon dioxide and water are converted into glucose and oxygen. Therefor one could say that the more TENCEL® is ‘grown’ the more oxygen is produced.


Turbo powers when it comes to moisture absorption

feet_in_bedOptimal moisture transportation for comfort and hygiene

The TENCEL® fiber has a unique fibril structure. Fibrils (the size of the smallest hairs) make up the fiber’s tiniest components. Submicroscopic canals between the individual fibrils regulate the absorption and release of moisture. The smallest fibrils thus ensure an optimum moisture transport. TENCEL® handles moisture perfectly. In a completely natural way the fabric absorbs excess moisture and transports it away to the outside.


Smooth gentleness

Smooth as silk

The smooth surface of the textile is can be felt by anyone and it prevents skin irritation. The TENCEL® fiber therefor promotes optimal skin sensation due to the smooth fiber surface. This in contrast to rough fiber surfaces that can lead to skin irritations. Looking at the fiber surfaces of cotton and wool, you can immediately see that these are harsher on the skin than TENCEL®.

TENCEL® Wool Cotton
TENCEL(r) Wool Fibre Cotton Firbe

Moisture regulation is fundamental

TENCEL® prevents the formation of bacteria at the outset, because moisture is instantly transported away inside the fiber. On the outside of the fiber there is no build-up of a film of moisture, which is the basis for the formation of bacteria.


Without any chemicals

Low bacterial growth

In a completely natural way bacterial growth can be reduced – without any chemical additives. A test proves that the growth of bacteria is greatly reduced in comparison to synthetic fibers, in which, the number of bacteria showed to increase up to 2,000 times.*

The bacterial difference between TENCEL and other fibers like Polyamide Polyester and cotton*Laboratory study on bacterial growth on fabrics: B. Redl, Medical University Innsbruck, Austria, 2004


Ecologically produced

Award winning recycling for a better future

The unique manufacturing process makes TENCEL® the fiber of the future, because the solvent used is reused almost 100%. This ‘closed circuit’ has been awarded by the European Union with the “European Award for the Environment”.



About the Author:

A family brush with cancer and success with complementary therapies motivated Patrick to study naturopathy, various types of bioresonance and building Geobiology. Patrick is director of Geovital International (Outside Europe), is a Geovital instructor, author and international speaker on patient focused radiation protection.

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