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Questions & Answers (Wiki) 2016-10-14T23:53:02+11:00

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Shielding one wall 2016-10-14T23:53:37+11:00

One of the most common questions or misconceptions, is in regard to the shielding of one wall with shielding paint.

Often, clients will ring and ask for a small amount of  T98Alpha shielding paint to, for example, shield one wall against a smart meter, or a mobile phone tower that is visible on the side of the house where the bedroom is located.

While shielding one wall can of course be achieved, there are some very important facts you need to take into consideration before going down this path. First and foremost, you need to consider the effect this will have on your long-term wellbeing. In general, it is almost always a bad idea to paint one wall of a bedroom. Why? Because radiation entering a bedroom will hit the wall that is shielded and be reflected back ‘at you’.

What if there are other sources of radiation not visible to you that you don’t know about? And, what about the additional sources that will be created in years to come? These less obvious sources of radiation would also be reflected back at you from a single shielded wall. These unforeseen sources of exposure are a further burden which can seriously affect your health without you even knowing.

This video explains the issue in greater detail.


Curry Lines 2016-10-14T23:53:37+11:00

currygitternetz_geovitalAccording to Dr Manfred Curry, Curry Lines run around the globe – at approximately a 45 degrees angle from North-South and East-West. Distances between the lines vary from 2.5 to 4 meters. Also their direction can be up to 10 degrees off.

The bands of energy are 30 cm wide and have a stimulation factor (SF) of 700 which doubles on crossing points (Cancer points) to 1400 SF.

Measuring of the distance is always required for assessment purposes!

Curry lines go around the globe.

One theory about the origin of Curry Lines, according to physicists, is that their source is the Earth’s core, from which the radiation rises linearly to the surface.

Contrary to repeated claims, there are no advanced notice lines.


Watt 2016-10-14T23:53:37+11:00

Watt (W) is the unit with which power is determined.

People frequently refer to watts when it comes to the power requirements of an electrical appliance.

Also the transmission power of wireless devices (mobile phone, cordless phone, mobile internet, Wi-Fi) is measured in watts with respect to electromagnetic radiation intensity. Since the electromagnetic vibration can very easily casue damage to the body, maximum exposure limits were set to protect the user. However, in practice we see these limits are far too high and set by the industry that produces them. The mobile phone industry also makes the figures look nicer by reffering to average values taken over a period of time (rather than peak values). The maximum limit recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO) is set currently (2012-11) at 2 Watt power (2 W/kg SAR).

Watt in Geobiology and the clinic

Radiation output of a mobile phone tower is being measured

The power output (watts) is of great significance as a burden to the body when related to high frequency radiation (electrosmog). To makes matters worse, man is a perfect receiver of high frequency radiation because we stand tall and effectively provide a large surface area to catch the radiation. This explains the rapid increase in the electronic pollution related symptoms.

The additional difficulty is that continuously more powerful technologies are used that allow higher speeds for wireless technology. Every two years a new wireless standard is added. At this time there are 7 transmission standards in use and the frequencies are always higher and the transmitters more powerful.

Therefor it is important to know how much power (watts) is put out by the transmitters in a residential area as you can see Geobiologist Patrick van der Burght measure here.

Unlike electric fields from power lines, the effects of radio waves can not be led away by grounding and must be deflected. The stronger (watts) and higher (frequency) the electromagnetic radiation is, the lower the attenuation (dampening) achieved by shielding. Currently, T98 Alpha has the highest possible shielding effectiveness available using a carbon base. As it is also electrically conductive it can also be used to simultaneously lead away low frequency electric fields. Other effective solutions are shielding by use of GPA mesh (HF and LF) and NOVA shielding fabric (only HF), however T98 Alpha is the most effective.

Important: No active transmitters (mobile phone, Wi-Fi, cordless phones) should be used inside a shielded room. These sources would lead to much higher stress values.

Water vein 2016-10-14T23:53:37+11:00
Schema einer Wasserader

The concept of a water vein

As water passes through underground water channels, an energy surplus or energy loss results, which leads to ionisation. Ionisation is also increased due to the presence of salts and trace elements in the soil (iron, zinc, copper etc.) which dissolve into the water. This is referred to as radiation and it can be measured by means of a divining rod.

Water veins are beneficial and important. They supply the soil and plants with nutrients. Without water veins, nothing would grow. To get an idea of how much water must be present in the soil, one could contemplate that the average-sized tree requires about 100 to 150 litres of water per day. Water is collected by the tree’s roots and evaporates through the leaves and needles.

However, if the ionisation is too high, it acts as a pathogen which humans and animals will react to with equal sensitivity.

Humans especially, because they are ‘radiation avoiders’, are highly susceptible to the effects of radiation. Many diseases known to man are directly or indirectly related to the effects of radiation.