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Patrick van der Burght, Geovital Academy

With Geovital’s history, support and network, our consultants have the best opportunity to achieve in a world where small operators stand little chance.

Work with Geovital and build a business creating healthier homes

We need a lot more home health assessors

Geovital decided a long time ago that by sharing their unique knowledge on how to detect and protect against EMF and geopathic stress, they could help a lot more people. In recent years Geovital is experiencing exponential growth and demand for our services globally. The world has been waking up to the fact that the radiation issues and health effects are just getting worse, and people are looking for a trust worthy source of information when it comes to optimising the chances of health recovery and protection. Whilst Geovital are the only people with extensive experience about what actually works in practice, our competitors seem to be focused on product sales with little interest in long-term benefit or addressing the problem of radiation exposure more fully beyond the product they invented.

Sascha Hahnen

Sascha Hahnen CEO Geovital – In our experience with patients, radiation protection with highest quality products is always a good thing.

We need more help – Start your career in Environmental Medicine

Working as a home health consultant can be both emotionally and financially rewarding. You can do training with Geovital, get some equipment and by teaming up with Geovital you could gain additional support and credibility of a strong and steady brand. The relationship between Geovital offices and their consultants may vary per country. Some are employed, but most are sub-contracted to allow great flexibility on both sides. Your work as a consultant will grow slowly over time and with some effort you can become the Geovital radiation authority in your local area. Consultants often join forces in going to expos, conferences, talks etc. to maximise the benefits from attending such events.

Starting quickly is possible

With 35+ years of practical experience behind us and some of the leading minds in this area, the knowledge of how to measure and interpret the findings, in order to give sound advice on how to improve a home situation, can be taught relatively quickly. The live-workshop enables us to teach you all facets of our approach, including geopathic stress assessment, and opens the path to becoming an official ‘full service’ Geovital consultant. For those wanting to avoid travel expenses and still have a way to get started quickly, our new 22hour online course covers EMF with as much detail, despite the practical assessment of Geopathic stress is largely left out. This course is proving popular and many people start helping others professionally, with our support. Read more about our Live-workshop and online course via this page.


Start making a difference in people’s lives

Contact your local office and discuss training and work opportunities with them today. If there is no local office in your country… well, then there may be another opportunity for you we can investigate in the future.


Who to address your questions to:

United Kingdom: Ben Sawyer – contact details here
Rest of Europe: Sascha Hahnen – contact details here
Rest of the world: Patrick van der Burght – contact details here or use the form below



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