Young female patient suffered from panic attacks and lack of energy

Geobiologist, Rainer Scholz, as radiation detective

Corinna K. would never have suspected the kinds of disturbances that had accumulated in her bedroom. Just like in a crime story, one measurement finding followed another. She was amazed; especially when she got the measurement instruments in her own hands, and could then experience the true extent of the disturbances that were there.

That radiation could be an issue with her, was not an entirely new concept in her family, because other family members had suffered with this. But that her body was riddled with pains, she was suffering from lack of energy, and major sleeping difficulties were so widespread; confirmed to me as a Geobiologist, that the wide range of issues were in urgent need of being understood and addressed. Everything that could occur in terms of radiation was present in her case. Not only grid lines and a water vein, but also the whole range of high- and low frequency radiation was present.


Sketch of the burdens revealed
Sketch of the burdens revealed

Findings of the geobiological investigation

The image speaks volumes. The main aim was to help restore the young lady’s vitality. So, after determining the radiation present, we moved on to finding appropriate countermeasures. Her mattress with a spring core system was effectively the ‘perfect amplifier’ for high frequency radiation. This was especially so since the mobile phone transmission tower, which dominated the skyline of the town, was only 400 meters away. The mattress was replaced with one that was antistatic.

Two electrical circuits, which for the moment were turned off manually every night and reactivated when needed*, were affecting her in her bed. The position of the bed was so affected by excesses of natural radiation (blue–water vein, red–Curry lines, green–Hartmann lines, as well as a fault line) that she was determined not to spend another night in the same spot. Instead, she chose the only place in the room which was almost free of geopathic stress.

After the geobiological improvements

Even the first night was a great success. The inner uneasiness had dissipated and her exhaustion was gradually disappearing. She could now fall asleep normally and she felt refreshed in the morning. Her ordeal had finally come to an end. She now cheerfully looked forward to a pending move to a new apartment where she would be able to have her bedroom treated with appropriate solutions from Geovital.

Until then I wish her some peace and quiet, and that her batteries recharge once again.




* Geovital does not recommend this practice because there is the danger that in the case of an urgent need for electricity (e.g. a night time emergency), it will not be available until power is restored (i.e. by turning the circuits back on in the circuit breaker panel). We strongly
recommend the installation of circuit cut-off switches on the correct circuits. This will remove power when none is needed but instantly restore electricity to the circuit when an appliance or light switch is turned on.

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